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Create your own Oculus Rift

When I first heard about the Oculus Rift I was sure that Virtual Reality had finally made the mainstream. At $300 with affordable development options it was sure to take off.  I knew why the Oculus Rift was cheap and that was because it uses cheap components! The components are cheap because they are already… Read More »

Oculus Rift on the Web, Attempt 2: Nyan Cat

I am really surprised at how easy it is to create content on the web that is Oculus Rift compatible. I’ve been using a small software program called Oculus Bridge to get tracking information to the browser (via websockets) and a WebGL library called three.js to make 3D worlds. While playing with three.js  I came across… Read More »

Setting up Torque 3D for Oculus Rift

I haven’t had time to try Torque 3D with the Oculus Rift, but it seems a very quick, easy and free way to start developing for my Oculus Rift.You’ll need: Torque 3D : http://mit.garagegames.com/Torque3D-3-0.zip Torque 3d Rift Template: http://mit.garagegames.com/Rift-Template-3-0.zip Oculus VR SDK which you should get from logging in to your developer account. The jist is this.… Read More »