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New LAK dataset

I’ve been informed by Davide Taibi that the LAK dataset has been updated, this update includes some paper text that I reported on, but also has lots more data. As described by Davide: This version includes papers from: – EDM conferences (2008-2014) – LAK conferences (2011-2014, 2014 only abstract since we are waiting for ACM… Read More »

Exploring Telenovela with DBpedia, R and Gephi

Today I discovered Telenovelas. Telenovelas are short limited run programs similar to soap opera, they are popular in Spanish language counties and they are serious business. I stumbled across a clip on youtube and was instantly hooked. Check this out: I headed to Wikipedia to find out more only to find that Telenovelas is a… Read More »

Visualising Linked Data

I did a short video showing how I create a visual Graph from dbpedia data. In this video I use SPARQL to query a triple-store endpoint, then I take the results, spruce them up in Google Refine and explore the graph in Gephi. I’ve explored the relationship between members of punk rock bands, but the… Read More »