Glamorous Games

I’ve had a few attempts attrying to describe a view on gamification in my blog, but never really felt like I’ve got it across very well. Many academics talk of persuasive games and draw on the themes of rhetoric, but I’m not sure that is the same thing. Plus I’m not sure how I feel… Read More »

Who are the Fine Brothers and why is there a fuss?

If you ever procrastinate on Youtube you may have come across ‘reaction’ videos, these videos rang from setting somebody up to do something and recording their reactions, such as making them play a scary game , recording reactions of audiences at events  or simply recording yourself playing a game/watching a movie and reacting to it.… Read More »

From MediaWiki to Github

I have a very old mediawiki instance on a backup drive that I need to get the content off somehow, even though the content is old it is still relevant and I would still like people to be able to view it. It is slightly out of date so it would be good if the… Read More »

Setting up Learning Locker with Vagrant

A couple of years ago I wanted to install Learning Locker on OSX, I blogged about it to help me remember what to it and I found it pretty useful to return to when I got stuck. I need to install Learning Locker again, but looking through my old post reminded me that it is… Read More »


Blockchain is one of those things that more and more people I trust have started saying ‘have you seen this thing? I think it’s important!’. These are my first thoughts after a quick look. While I kind of knew blockchain was some kind of database thing that bitcoin used it wasn’t until I saw that… Read More »

My 3 favorite COOP games for casual players on PS4

My favorite type of video games are online cooperative ones, I think I’ve always preferred them to competitive counterparts because while they are social and let you play with other people, they do not featuring an 11 year old who has clocked up 500 hours laughing at you because your job doesn’t let you get… Read More »