At a recent PhD seminar, a group of students had to talk about a particular thesis problem they had on two slides; mine was that I seemed to have created The NeverEnding Literature Review. I had lots of ‘themes’ in my literature review, and lots of different fields of study were interested in these themes,… Read More »


drivel   Back in September, I remember reading this Guardian post detailing the shenanigans of Palmer Luckey, The Oculus Rift founder who had been funding users of social network site Reddit to post pro-trump images and text. What struck me most about the article, was just how little information was actually in it, the gist… Read More »

The ascent

“Through the prescience of the great oracle (then known as Prism), Donald Trump saw a threat to humanity. The dependency on algorithms would create a lack in exploration and growth of our souls, creating a stagnation that would eventually mean the end of the humanity. Trump decided that the way forward to surviving was to… Read More »

Data sets for grouping universities

As part of the Jisc business intelligence project lots of clever folk from different HE Institutions  are getting together, looking at data they know about and working with HESA to augment it with data HESA collects. The result is the creation of all kinds of interesting businesses intelligence dashboards and reports; many of which will… Read More »

Us and Them

I don’t have a point, writing drivel just helps. I had hoped we would stay. Britain woke up on Friday morning to be congratulated by racists and fascists, they thought it was great news that we were leaving the EU. Hate crimes rose, the market crashed and the Leave campaign started to simply deny that… Read More »

The classroom panopticon effect

This was supposed to be a response to the best and worst of educational technology, But ended up a ramble. In 1999 I was in my 3rd year at a high school that despite having a couple of tennis courts, swimming pools and various state of the art drama/music rooms somehow only managed to fund… Read More »

Notes: Problem Domain

I’m having lots of trouble writing recently. I think this is because much of my writing is currently sitting around in private word documents. I think because you don’t see any progression that way the work never progresses. So, after a conversation with my professor I’ve decided to ‘dump’ whatever I’ve written while I’ve been… Read More »

Scrapping data from dbpedia for trivia game snippet

I’ve been trying to write scripts that can automagically create revision games for a while now. One of the problems I have is getting datasets of questions together. I’ve been sniffing around wikipedia/dbpedia as a way to populate revision game questions. Recently I’ve been interested in building ‘What is it games?’ where you are given… Read More »