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MySQL to sqlite

I’m currently writing bits of code to tell stories using a variety different data sources; one of my aims is to make the storytelling experience cross platform. My project started life as a web based thing and I see if I could move some of it over to a mobile platform. I’m going to try… Read More »

Wikipedia as a random story generator v0.1

For a while I’ve wanted to create a game/story where players are given crazy and random situations. I wanted characters in the story to have relationships, feelings, own things etc,  the problem I’ve had is that if I predefine all these then the game won’t be random to me, where is the fun in that?… Read More »

Starting my SEO strategy: Start with reading

It’s difficult to know where to start when creating an SEO strategy. I’ve currently been asked to come up with one. There seems to be many things you can do and all of your colleagues and friends seem to know something different. It’s not like they have concrete knowledge of things that will help you… Read More »

Scratching my head about Paraview

I’ve recently discovered ParaView, a tool for visualising data I hadn’t come across before.When it comes to data I guess I’m used to web based stuff. You know the kind of thing, throw something a few triples and watch it generate a Network Graph or the overused D3.js type stuff. Paraview sits in a world… Read More »

Screen Recording with Android KitKat

Depending on your hardware/Android version screen recording on Android could be absolute pain. Google have tried to fix the problem by putting native screen recording in to the latest release of android, and actually it’s pretty good. If you own a Nexus 4/7 you should be getting your rollout soon and it really is worth… Read More »

Innovation in the eighth generation

According to Wikipedia there are eight generations of video game consoles, each generation defined by the consoles that are released and the innovations they make. We are at the start of the eighth generation with the PS4 and  Xbox one about to hit the shelves this month. Releasing a console is such big business that… Read More »