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Unexpected Creativity

In gaming circles a ‘shit crayon’ is a term used when a user creates something amazing despite the barriers that have been put in front of them. The term was coined by popular game developer and writer Ian Bogost and draws from the concept of the magic crayon by Chaim Gingold in his thesis. You… Read More »

Notes on publishing PhoneGap / Cordova app to Google Play store

I’ve started making apps with Cordova / PhoneGap. My set up is somewhat unconventional as I am just creating the projects at the command line, writing the applications using web technologies and signing them myself. I am not using the PhoneGap build service or any emulators on my machine. I am however using Eclipse because… Read More »

What does Twitch have that edX doesn't?

This week I have logged in to two different platforms in the hope of learning something new. Out of these two platforms the first pone I logged on to was called edX. It is an online platform and I was there to do an online course called ‘Big Data and Social physics’. I have been… Read More »

Creating youtube intro clips, banners and thumbnails

I’m constantly amazed by the quality of content being created by teenagers on social sharing services. I’ve been following stories such as Twitch plays Pokemon on Tumblr and have been amazed at the quality of some of images being created and shared around a single concept. Users of Twitch/Tumblr are not alone, teens on Youtube… Read More »