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Those people

There are quite a few posts describing the evil Internet communities that posts pictures of that frog thing and promote hate. I find Internet communities quite interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever belonged to an Internet community. Back in 1999 I used to log on to a chat program called Chatpop a few times a… Read More »

Notes: Problem Domain

I’m having lots of trouble writing recently. I think this is because much of my writing is currently sitting around in private word documents. I think because you don’t see any progression that way the work never progresses. So, after a conversation with my professor I’ve decided to ‘dump’ whatever I’ve written while I’ve been… Read More »

Uploading Vines from a computer

I was asked how I upload vines from my computer. Its quite easy if you use a throwaway account like myself, but the tool I use doesn’t use oAuth. It is your call how much you trust this way of doing it. I’d be interested in finding out about any other ways people use. 1)… Read More »

Incremental games

Incremental Games are a recently recognised genre of video game that is popular on mobile phones and browser game sites such as Kongregate with the simple goal to earn as much ‘currency as possible. The currency itself can take many forms, but is basically an integer that is increased by performing a simple action, usually… Read More »