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Twitch plays what?

Over the last few days a social experiment took place. Tech blogger Andy Baio called it the “most wonderful thing online now”, it shot to the top of BBC and The Guardians most read articles, there is even an XKCD comic about. Meanwhile I’m messing around with Twitter thinking about how it’s closed data model… Read More »

Interstellar Marines Game Review

Interstellar Marines is an indie game currently in alpha available on steam. At the time of writing this you can get a copy for as little as $1 in an Indie Gala Bundle, saying that however, if you can afford a little more than $1 then remember the money goes to charity and your getting… Read More »

4 games where losing is fun

  A new breed of game wants us to know that sometimes it is more fun to lose than it is to win. These games play on the fact that every time we lose we learn something new and a story is told. I think that this a place educational institutions should explore, but until… Read More »