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Age of Strategy Android

On booting up Age of Strategy the first thing that you will notice is the sheer amount of content. From the menu you have access to lots of content, the core of which is a series of campaigns, these are a collections of maps that are linked together with a short text story. There are… Read More »

The technology is brilliant, but..

I am sure that I am not the only person working in educational technology to see what I think is a brilliant technology fail, something that does something you’ve never seen before or fundamentally changes how you see the world. Then 6 Months later it closes because it didn’t do the job it was supposed… Read More »

Subnautica: New game by Natural Selection Developers

I’m a big fan of the indie game Natural Selection 2 and the developer Unknown Worlds. Originally I think they were a group of modders who created the absolutely fantastic Natural Selection mod for the original Half Life. Following the success of Natural Selection they decided to make a commercial version out of the sequal… Read More »

Installing Pokemon on Android based phones

Installing the old Pokemon games on your Android phone is pretty easy. I’ll leave moral judgement on emulation down to you. Some gamers claim that if you bought the original cartridge you are allowed to download the games; I won’t get in to this argument other than to say that if a game from 15… Read More »