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Play, models, complexity, Putin and Pussy Riot

Yesterday@mwjtweet asked me what my blog was about. Mark has already blogged his take on the conversation. My first response to the question was “Moddeling”, but I soon realised we have a different take on what it is to model something, and changed my answer to play. I don’t know a lot about theories of… Read More »

Maths until 18

Pupils in the UK who fail to get a C at Maths GCSE are being told they have to re sit exams every year until they pass or reach 18, when they leave education but have to have ‘idiot’ branded on their forehead. El Presidente’s skills minister said the requirement to keep studying English and maths… Read More »

Speaker for the Dead

Education had been dead for 40 years when the Speaker landed on Earth. Due to relativistic space travel the Speaker had received the Speakers signal only 4 months ago, the Speaker himself just 28 years old. While he is treated with respect usually only afforded to a priest, Andrew (named after the first speaker) will… Read More »

An API to our Personal Corpus

A post over at ReadWriteWeb describes what the author calls a Personal API. The description of the API in the post something similar to what Google has put on it’s Nexus 4, a bit of software that learns where you are, your relationships, your likes/dislikes, mashes them together and learns how you want to communicate… Read More »

El Presidente Willets

El Presidente Willets established a dictatorship in 2010. It proved very unpopular but an attempt to establish economic stability within the cities of knowledge was declared successful (by El Presidente himself) in 2015. During the period of economic reform the city-states of Oxfordonus, Cambrigion and Ruslustratid Groupus were allowed to stay as city-states. The other 109… Read More »

The process of implementing IMS LTI Compliant Tools in to your LMS

Most educational institutions run a learning management system of some sort to ‘manage learning’. But to ‘manage learning’ means different things to different people and often an LMS just doesn’t offer that piece of functionality you really want. Fortunately there are many tools available to add additional functionality  to your LMS and you’ve found that really cool piece of software to plug into your… Read More »