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Confidence and Creativity

There is a student that sits at the back of our class, he sits slouched with his legs wide open, legs dangling, slouched back and cap backwards; he likes to shout over whatever the tutor says,  Enfield fans might call him ‘a Kevin’. There is something about him that you wouldn’t tell him in front… Read More »

Cetis Conference 2014 – fringe activities

Registration has now opened on the Cetis site for the CETIS 2014 conference. From the Cetis site: Each year the Cetis conference provides a unique opportunity for developers, learning technologists, lectures and policy makers to come together to discuss recent innovations in the domain of education technology. This year’s conference focuses on the digital institution… Read More »

Open education, open communication and open critique

Next week is open education week. I can see signs of people gearing up do things in the spirit of open education and in the spirit of openness I’m going to post in the wrong week. A friend of mine while getting ready for some work during said week posted the following tweet: Tweeps do… Read More »

Twitch plays what?

Over the last few days a social experiment took place. Tech blogger Andy Baio called it the “most wonderful thing online now”, it shot to the top of BBC and The Guardians most read articles, there is even an XKCD comic about. Meanwhile I’m messing around with Twitter thinking about how it’s closed data model… Read More »

“What’s the point?” syndrome

What’s the point? syndrome is a psychological disorder encountered by individuals who do not know what their employable future holds and also shared by individuals who took a job in the hope of helping little people prepare for their future lives only to have that dreams shattered by somebody in government who looks like Pod.… Read More »

MOOC White Paper: Sustainable online learning

A follow up paper to CETIS Mooc white paper  “Moocs and Open Education” has been released by CETIS, The MOOC Paper on Sustainable online learning in institutions by Li Yuan, Stephen Powell and Bill Olivier. The paper revolves around three themes, opportunities and strategic choices that institutions may wish to consider that have come to… Read More »