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No Going Back

The survivors huddled around the fire, times had not been easy since The Incident. The group had been on the road for two years already and were getting tired of their endless struggle; they had heard the rumour that up north the city of Graduation was a full of food, jobs and warmth. Many felt… Read More »

The student experience

Some blog posts I find really difficult and take me a really long time write. This particular one has been very hard; I’ve had this very post in different forms in an instance of OpenOffice open on my desktop for the best part of a week. The gist of this is about two jobs currently… Read More »

Teenagers fill the UK sex education gap

Sex education at my high school school was limited to a single day. The boys would go in to a classroom with their P.E teacher equipped with a condom and a banana, the girls would get a visit from a lady from Procter & Gamble equipped with bags of free sanitary products. By the end… Read More »

A Learning Technologist

Welsh writer Dylan Thomas, who was very fond of a drink, once quipped that ‘an alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do.’ When I first came across the quote by Dylan Thomas I  liked it because in my mind I was changing it to something akin to ‘a Learning… Read More »

Education and friendship

As I was coming up to my final exam of my masters my tutor said something that really hit me hard. On the subject of us all getting jobs he said something along the lines of: Most students find being in a job hard, not because the job itself is hard but because in school,… Read More »