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Competitive Comparisons

Hell Divers is the next gen game I’ve been waiting for, and it comes with none of the next gen shenagins I’ve come to expect. It is a great example of connectivity without ‘exploitationware‘. In 2003, towards the end of his run with Future Publishing, Terry Stokes came up with a cover for Edge Magazine… Read More »

Incremental games

Incremental Games are a recently recognised genre of video game that is popular on mobile phones and browser game sites such as Kongregate with the simple goal to earn as much ‘currency as possible. The currency itself can take many forms, but is basically an integer that is increased by performing a simple action, usually… Read More »

We were promised jetpacks

Going off very little research except a quick skim read of the Wikipedia page for Education Technology I have discovered that an Educational Technology is something that is ‘improving performance’ in the education system. The page has a few technologies listed as examples; these examples are a mix of both physical and software related things… Read More »