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New LAK dataset

I’ve been informed by Davide Taibi that the LAK dataset has been updated, this update includes some paper text that I reported on, but also has lots more data. As described by Davide: This version includes papers from: – EDM conferences (2008-2014) – LAK conferences (2011-2014, 2014 only abstract since we are waiting for ACM… Read More »

Ric Flair Promotion Jumps

I posted an experiment on a wrestling subreddit a few days where I used DBpedia to explore the links between wrestling stables/ .To my surprise wrestling fans are really interested in the things you can find out using structured data from wikipedia. I was contacted by a graphic  designer asking if I wanted to collaborate… Read More »

Update on Wrestling visualisations

A few days ago I started playing with dbpedia data. I had spent a while trying to find interesting people story lines to find information about. I had toyed with story lines in TV soaps and video games, but after a decision with a friend where I was introduced to the concept of a wrestling… Read More »

Exploring Wrestling Stables

In pro wrestling a stable is a group of  wrestlers who form an alliance and wrestle together, they help each other out the way typically team mates would, for example by sneaking sledgehammers in to the ring when the referees have their backed turned. When I was younger my favorite stable were called D-Generation X… Read More »