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Writers Block

Currently I’m trying to get into Shiny and R. I’m trying to build an app that plugs into a PHP app that I am currently writing (or rather rewriting). Progress is not fast. Currently I have the error message on my screen that looks like this: Error : evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion /… Read More »

R Blog of the Month: Prochronisms

A vistor of the blog and ‘all round stack overflow good guy’ Ben Marwick pointed me in the direction of the fantastic blog: Prochronisms. or: Downton Crabbey. Using TV anachronisms to learn about changes in language, and trying to avoid complete curmudgeonhood in the process. From what I can gather Ben Schmidt takes scripts of modern TV shows based in historical… Read More »

Maven 3, program mvn not found

I’m not a Java developer and don’t have to compile much Java. Unfortunately sometimes I do, and on those rare occasions it usually goes wrong. Today my problem was with Maven 3. I installed using apt-get install maven 3, however when I tried to use the mvn command I got the error “program mvn not found”. This is a… Read More »

Confused about Social Networks

Sheila from CETIS recently blogged about a social media event and I feel some of the themes in her post are closely related to some experiences I have had this week while exploring the landscape for my PhD and conversations I’ve had with MWJ. I’m interested around the following thoughts from the Blog post: The… Read More »