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Gource: Segmentation fault: 11 on Mac OS Maverick

For the last hour I have been getting the following error using gource on Mac OS X. The problem seems to a problem with gource itself rather than the input as I was getting the error even when just running the command without any inputs. After messing with homebew I discovered that the errors lies… Read More »

House of Commons, Wednesday 23 October 2013

Online Version Prime Minister: “We have put in place some of the toughest controls that one can possibly have within a democratic Government .. including by blocking online sites. … We will take all these steps and many more to keep our country safe ” The next question is not so much a question but… Read More »

KFC Style Food recipes: Make it at home

Everyone loves the taste of fast food, I’m sure we’d all eat KFC or McDonalds every day if it a) it wasn’t so expensive b) Colonel Sanders wasn’t so damn creepy and c) we weren’t so scared of PETA propaganda. Well fear not, I’ve put the man-hours in trawling youtube and finding the tastiest KFC… Read More »

Joe Pendon’s retro Paddy

My twitter profile picture is currently sporting a rather cool profile picture of a retro game version of my rabbit, Paddy. I’m very fond of it, not only because he looks super cool but also because it was designed by Joe Pendon!   I’m a big fan of Joe’s work, for those unfamiliar with him,… Read More »

I finished a MOOC!

I’m feeling really chuffed with myself, I got to the end of a MOOC. So what did I learn from the experience? If you haven’t already guessed I picked up a little bit about Weka.  Still, I don’t  feel much like a Weka expert, I’m not even sure I can remember where all the buttons… Read More »

Speaker for the Dead

Education had been dead for 40 years when the Speaker landed on Earth. Due to relativistic space travel the Speaker had received the Speakers signal only 4 months ago, the Speaker himself just 28 years old. While he is treated with respect usually only afforded to a priest, Andrew (named after the first speaker) will… Read More »

Scrapping Reddit comments

Something I had been meaning to do for a long time was write a quick script to scrape Reddit comments. A chap has beaten me to it and you can find the code here: During lunch today I had a little play with it the script (and I mean quick!). A two line script imported… Read More »