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Blogs, honesty and ego

I’m sat here at my desk desperate to write something. I desperately want to write; I just don’t know what to write about. Why do I even want to write? I am very bad at writing. I have this blog and I update it regularly, if stats are to be believed then people actually come… Read More »

The house always wins

There are two books on my desk today. Book One: The Zero Marginal Cost Society The first book is a book that is doing the rounds in our department at the moment,  The Zero Marginal Cost Society by Jereny Riekin. I have not read all the book but being privy to conversations in the office… Read More »


Finally managed to hook my Meag Drove up to my recording software: Here is the compulsory gif and the know your meme page Sanic.    

I can't write

I have about four different documents I’m supposed to be working on today and I am having real difficulty getting my mind in to gear. I’m taking my lunch break and have decided to try and write something fun to get my self in the zone. I feel tired, my eyes are a bit watery,… Read More »

What is a Polandball?

I’ve always been interested in  image boards. There is something special going on in these spaces that seem to lead to interesting things (couple that with anonymity and we get  things that are interesting but slightly terrifying, you can’t unsee 4chan). One of the most interesting things I find is how kids/teens use the internet… Read More »

What do the musicians know?

As regular readers may have noticed; I’m really struggling with this blog at present.  It isn’t a matter of traffic, more of finding what it is (or perhaps I am) about. I started Paddy with the intention of keeping my real identity secret so that I wouldn’t feel the fear of pressing the post button,… Read More »

Conversational constraints placed on us by technology

I accept technology allows gives us new ways to to join ‘the conversation’. While I have been generally apathetic towards Twitter, I do know that it is a powerful communication medium, I mean it gives us a direct line to and from people we could otherwise not connect with. I’ve only recently started to get… Read More »

Paddy 2013 post roundup

Can I really do a blog look back on the year 2013 when I only started in in June. I was a blogger before I started ‘Paddy’, but not a very good one. Well I’m not a good one now, but at least the updates are regular. Back in June it occurred to me that… Read More »