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The blog posts I didn’t write in 2017

My laptop is full of text documents for blog posts I started writing on the train and didn’t finish because I chickened out or didn’t have enough time. Instead of the ‘new year, new me’ post I’m going to do a quick run through of the posts where I couldn’t quite make myself coherant enough… Read More »


I have not written much in my blog recently, which is funny considering my aim after moving from my last institution was to ‘write something at least every day’. It doesn’t worry me because while I haven’t been writing here, I have been writing in a more formal approach on things that I hope will… Read More »

Finding symbols when you don't know the name

Everyone hates it when you want to put a character in to a Word document but you don’t know the name of the character, just what it looks like. “how do you do one of those things that look like a cross between a ‘a’ and a fish” you ask your college. He has no… Read More »

Education and friendship

As I was coming up to my final exam of my masters my tutor said something that really hit me hard. On the subject of us all getting jobs he said something along the lines of: Most students find being in a job hard, not because the job itself is hard but because in school,… Read More »

Confidence and Creativity

There is a student that sits at the back of our class, he sits slouched with his legs wide open, legs dangling, slouched back and cap backwards; he likes to shout over whatever the tutor says,  Enfield fans might call him ‘a Kevin’. There is something about him that you wouldn’t tell him in front… Read More »

9 out of 10 blog posts

In a previous life a work colleague worked in the games industry for a successful publisher.  Brits will remember the early C64 budget games of the 80s, but this particular publisher was one of the first ones to capitalise on making budget games for CD ROM PC and consoles 10 years later. Up until this… Read More »

Out with the Twitter stream, in with the Youtube stream

This website is a year old today, wow! I’ve never kept anything going that long before, I’m impressed with myself. Although saying that, while this installation is only a year old some of the content on here is older since as at some point I decided I should import some of my old content from my many failed… Read More »