Monthly Archives: May 2011

Education begins at home?

As a child I embarked on many trips to the chocolate wonderland of Cadbury World. Part of the attraction is a history lesson in Cadburys rise to power which is presented through a self-guided tour through various rooms decorated with figurines that on the press of a button describe who they are and the role… Read More »

Losing is fun

This weekend I stumbled upon a fantastic game called Dwarf Fortress. The game is a management/city building game. First the game must randomly generate a persistent world that spans a very detailed 1000 years of history. You then take a bunch of dwarfs, find a mountain, start digging out your fortress and wait for your… Read More »

Mobile First! A RANT!

  Although I loath doing any kind of design work, one of my pet hates at the moment is still the term ‘Mobile First’. The idea from what I can gather is that web designers should make sure that all their content is designed for mobile devices and then can scale up for desktops. I… Read More »